PHP is an easy and user friendly scripting language rising as a suitable platform for the development of dynamic website. For the professional PHP Training course in Jaipur choose our training classes for your training. We are providing complete Training sessions for Core PHP integrated with HTML 5, AJAX training and Java Script professional trainers.

At Next Step Web Solution we also provide you training for  PHP CMS like WordPress, Joomla  and Magento. Our Training session give you 100% Live Php Projects at our training centre.Our PHP training prefer  of practical project  those hosted on both windows and Linux web server, with the complete knowledge of hosting of website on PHP server and manage .htaccess and php.ini files.

Techniques those We follow in training session :

Course Content:

Initiation with PHP

  1. HTML, XHTML, CSS & JavaScript
  2. Static VS Dynamic websites
  3. Client-side VS Server-side scripting languages
  4. Introduction to PHP
  5. PHP Fundamentals – getting familiar with PHP syntax.
  6. PHP Variables
  7. Dynamic variables
  8. PHP Operators
  9. Making Decisions with PHP if…else
  10. PHP Switch
  11. PHP Arrays
  12. PHP Loops
  13. PHP Functions – predefined and user defined
  14. Handling HTML Form data
  15. File and Image Uploading
  16. Understanding sessions and working with PHP sessions
  17. Understanding cookies and Working with cookies
  18. Working with Date and Time
  19. PHP E-mail – sending emails using your own script
  20. Understanding server side includes
  21. Classes and objects in PHP


Working with MySQL Database

  1. Introduction to MySQL database
  2. Connection with MySQL
  3. design a database
  4. An Introduction to SQL
  5. Executing SQL through PHP
  6. Fetching Desired Data into PHP from Database
  7. INSERT statement in Database
  8. UPDATE statement in  Database
  9. DELETE statement in  Database
  10. Working with Complex Queries – JOINS, INNER Queries

Enhancing user experience with Ajax

  1. Introduction to Ajax – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  2. Purpose of Ajax
  3. Ajax Components – key technologies of Ajax
  4. JavaScript and DOM
  5. HttpRequest Object – Compatibility Secrets
  6. Methods and Properties of HttpRequest Object
  7. Creating and Using HttpRequest Object
  8. Generating and Handling the Response – The Role of the Server
  9. Known Problems – Do’s and Don’ts

Becoming professional with advanced concepts

  1. Learning best practices and standards
  2. Securing your website with latest technologies
  3. Advanced security concepts
  4. SEO and PHP Implementation
  5. Introduction to Open Source Development
  6. Introduction to Frameworks
  7. Introduction to technical documentation
  8. Working with FTP